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In their 2022 legislative sessions, nine states enacted significant reforms to address excessive liability and litigation abuse.

  • Arizona prevented over-naming of defendants in asbestos Plaintiffs must provide the basis for each claim against each defendant and include supporting documents. (S.B. 1157)
  • Colorado clarified the state Supreme Court’s problematic 2021 decision in Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood involving landowner liability for injuries caused by a third-party’s criminal (S.B. 115)
  • Florida addressed the state’s property insurance crisis, as explained in the Florida Legislature Watch List section. (B. 2-D Special Session)
  • Georgia provided for apportionment of damages in single-defendant (H.B. 961)
  • Kansas and Louisiana regulated misleading and deceptive trial lawyer (KSS.B. 150; LA – S.B. 378 and S.B. 383)
  • Arizona and Missouri instructed courts that they may not rely on secondary sources that conflict with state law in certain contexts. (AZ – B. 2272; MO – S.B. 775)
  • Oklahoma increased transparency when the state’s attorney general hires outside (S.B. 984)

In addition, Idaho and Tennessee extended their previously enacted COVID-19 liability protections. (ID – H.B. 444; TN – H.B. 2671/S.B. 2448)

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