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Tell on a Hellhole

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Points of Light

There are five ways to douse the flames in Judicial Hellholes and to keep jurisdictions from developing an out-of-balance legal climate:

  1. Constructive media attention and public education can help encourage reform;
  2. Trial court judges can engage in self-correction;
  3. Appellate courts can overturn bad trial court decisions and limit future judicial malfeasance;
  4. Legislatures can enact statutory reforms; and
  5. Voters can reject litigation-loving judges or enact ballot referenda to
    address particular problems.

In its “Points of Light” section, the Judicial Hellholes report highlights actions by judges, legislators, the electorate and/or the media that stemmed abusive litigation.

Florida Legislature’s Trifecta
Recht’s Rules
Maryland Upholds Upper Limit on Pain & Suffering Damages

These jurisdictions set an example for how a courthouse, city, county or state can emerge from the desultory depths of a Hellhole or otherwise keep itself from sinking to those depths in the first place.