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Los Angeles Newscast Catches ADA Fraudster on Daily Hike

Local TV new cameras recently caught a Los Angeles area serial plaintiff out for his daily hike, even though the scores of Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits he’s filed against small businesses there claim he’s disabled by “end-stage emphysema” and largely confined to a wheelchair. 

The investigative report by Marc Brown is a must-see, both for those who argue that costly ADA lawsuits have become a major problem for small business owners and those who claim that such lawsuits are needed to ensure commercial access for the disabled. 

ABC 7 cameras caught up to James F. Cohan after his daily hike up a steep hill near his Sun Valley, CA home. He was hiking without a wheelchair, walker or oxygen tank.  But his apparent level of fitness hasn’t stopped him and his lawyers from filing a reported 161 ADA lawsuits against area businesses.

If California officials want to reverse the out-mirgation of tax-paying businesses from their nearly bankrupt state, they can start by invetsigating and prosecuting Mr. Cohan and every lawyer or doctor who has ever aided and abetted one of his obviously fraudulent lawsuits.

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