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ATRA Calls out Sen. Graham’s $500 Million Tax-Break for Trial Lawyers in Ninth Circuit

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 4, 2017 – The American Tort Reform Association today questioned South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s thus far effort to strip from tax legislation a provision that would end a significant tax break for wealthy personal injury lawyers pursuing class actions and other potentially lucrative lawsuits on a contingency-fee basis in courts within the U.S. Ninth Circuit


Another Asbestos Bankruptcy

As deception and outright fraud persist as tactics of that element of the plaintiffs’ bar which continues to enrich itself through asbestos litigation, and as the U.S. Senate dithers over much needed legislation that would bring more transparency to asbestos claims, yet another company has been driven into bankruptcy — at the expense of employees, pensioners and creditors


Cordray’s Veto Letter to Trump a ‘Last-Gasp’ Effort to Save Possible Gubernatorial Campaign

Noting that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray has “sloppily revealed the falsity of long-running arguments against arbitration clauses in financial services contracts,” the American Tort Reform Association today called a newly reported letter from Cordray to President Trump “a desperate attempt to win back plaintiffs’ bar support for his possible gubernatorial run in Ohio”


A More Nuanced Look at the Washington Post’s ‘Bizarre Opioid Story’

Barely a month after the nation’s largest trade association of personal injury lawyers conducted a “Rapid Response: Opioid Litigation Seminar,” teaching attendees how they might cash in on such litigation, the Washington Post and CBS’s 60 Minutes partnered to break Sunday’s big story that alleges the pharmaceutical industry showered members of Congress with campaign contributions in order to pass legislation, adopted unanimously in both the House and Senate and signed into law by President Obama, which effectively restrained efforts by the Drug Enforcement Administration to rein in illicit distribution of federally approved prescription painkillers


National Plaintiffs Radio

Not everyone at NPR is zealously anti-business. And not all their reporting about lawsuits targeting American businesses necessarily takes the side, implicitly or explicitly, of plaintiffs’ lawyers and their clients. But most of the public radio network’s legal reporting does, and two stories airing on the same day last week showed enough bias-by-omission to leave listeners wondering if NPR has come to stand for National Plaintiffs Radio


ATRA Lauds Nomination of Judge Gorsuch to SCOTUS

Noting Judge Neil Gorsuch’s “refreshing record of leaving lawmaking to elected lawmakers,” the American Tort Reform Association today voiced optimism about his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court and “the perspective he’ll bring in helping to make our civil justice system more predictably fair”


Costly New Anti-Arbitration Rule Aimed at Nursing Homes Is Administration’s Latest Gift to Trial Lawyers

Noting the extraordinary influence that wealthy plaintiffs’ lawyers have wielded throughout the executive branch during President Obama’s eight years in office, the American Tort Reform Association today called a new rule prohibiting the use of arbitration clauses in contracts between nursing homes and those they serve “the administration’s latest gift to Democrats’ most reliably generous campaign donors”


2019 Judicial Hellhole Report

Every year we shine a light on the worst of the worst. Since its inception in 2002, the American Tort Reform Foundation’s Judicial Hellholes® program has documented in annually published reports various abuses within the civil justice system, focusing primarily on jurisdictions where courts have been radically out of balance.

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