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ATRA Calls out Sen. Graham’s $500 Million Tax-Break for Trial Lawyers in Ninth Circuit

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 4, 2017 – The American Tort Reform Association today questioned South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s thus far effort to strip from tax legislation a provision that would end a significant tax break for wealthy personal injury lawyers pursuing class actions and other potentially lucrative lawsuits on a contingency-fee basis in courts within the U.S. Ninth Circuit


Federal Prosecutors Allege Silver’s Corruption of Albany Included Government Favors for Mistresses

A prosecution document unsealed last Friday purports to show that convicted former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver had two extramarital affairs that further corrupted state government, one with a lobbyist who frequently represented clients interested in pending legislation and another with a woman who was hired at a succession of state jobs for which critics say she was under qualified

Judicial Hellholes

2019 Judicial Hellhole Report

Every year we shine a light on the worst of the worst. Since its inception in 2002, the American Tort Reform Foundation’s Judicial Hellholes® program has documented in annually published reports various abuses within the civil justice system, focusing primarily on jurisdictions where courts have been radically out of balance.

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