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NJ High Court Raises Bar for ‘Expert’ Testimony

In a decision that should reduce the number of meritless medical liability lawsuits filed in the Garden State, a unanimous New Jersey Supreme Court yesterday ruled that doctors called as expert witnesses on plaintiffs’ behalf must hold the same credentials as defendant physicians

Points of Light

Even in Philadelphia, ‘Progress Is Possible’

Medical liability reforms undertaken in Pennsylvania last decade have had the intended effect of reducing the number of meritless lawsuits, particularly in Philadelphia, and broader progress in other areas of tort law now seems possible, too


Medical Liability Reform Having Great Desired Effects in North Carolina and Ohio

Over the past few years, doctors in both North Carolina and Ohio have seen a dramatic decrease in their insurance premiums, a decline in closed medical malpractice claims, and a significant decrease in total payments for medical liability. As a result, the market for physicians has stabilized and doctors are no longer fleeing the state out of fear of skyrocketing costs of medical liability insurance premiums. This has led to better access to competent doctors for all state citizens.

Points of Light

Where is the Obama Administration’s Pledged Commitment to Medical Liability Reform?

John H. Cochrane’s Wall Street Journal piece, “What to Do on the Day After ObamaCare”, offers up a number of thoughtful, market-oriented health care reform alternatives that could quickly begin to reduce health care costs should the Supreme Court strike down current law. Glaringly omitted from Mr. Cochrane’s proposals, however, is any mention of meaningful medical tort reform.

Judicial Hellholes

Louisiana Supreme Court Joins Growing Number of State High Courts Upholding Limits on Medical Liability Damages

Louisiana has joined the growing majority of states whose high courts have upheld statutory limits on medical liability damages awarded by juries. These limits provide greater protection for doctors, which decrease the likelihood of doctors fleeing the state, thereby, increasing patients’ access to health care and increasing the standard of care which is available.

Points of Light

2019 Judicial Hellhole Report

Every year we shine a light on the worst of the worst. Since its inception in 2002, the American Tort Reform Foundation’s Judicial Hellholes® program has documented in annually published reports various abuses within the civil justice system, focusing primarily on jurisdictions where courts have been radically out of balance.

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