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Food Police Strike in California

A Washington-based interest group bent on limiting food choices has chosen California as the place to bring its latest lawsuit, which attacks McDonald’s for “the most powerful, unfair, and deceptive practices – tempting kids with toys to get them to nag their parents to buy Happy Meals.”

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, known to some as the “food police,” brought the class action lawsuit in the Superior Court for San Francisco County on December 15 against McDonald’s.  The suit claims that McDonald’s is aware that parents are unable to resist the “pester power” of their children.  The lawsuit, which takes advantage of the California’s plaintiff-friendly consumer protection laws, blames McDonalds’ restaurants for creating and exacerbating “a super-sized health crisis in California.”

The lawyers seek to stop McDonald’s from including toys in Happy Meals in California, and recover their attorneys fees, legal costs, and expert witness fees in pursuing the lawsuit.

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