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‘Sue Jersey’ and ‘Sue York,’ Hellholes Together

Here’s a sickening story that, sadly, won’t surprise Judicial Hellholes readers one bit.  As reported by the New York Daily News, a New Jersey woman who tried to perpetrate a coupon con on a department store has conspired with a personal injury lawyer relative of hers in Queens, N.Y., to gin up a class action because, she alleges, she’s owed 80 cents.   

Tova Gerson, who tried to work the same con with the same shameless relative, Harry Katz, against a sporting goods chain in 2008, allegedly used a coupon offering $5.00 off a $100.00 purchase at the department store in Paramus, N.J.  Nine days later she returned an item that sold separtely for $17.97, and she was given $17.17 back, as the store understandably kept a prorated share of the $5.00 discount she’d received earlier.  Ms. Gerson and her mouthpiece claim she has “been injured as a result of the [store’s] fraudulent conduct.”

No reasonable person believes they should receive the full value of a coupon if they don’t make the minimum purchase required.  But as we report regularly, “Sue York” and “Sue Jersey” are full of unreasonable parasites, er, people who will try to get away with anything.  In a perfect world, angry mobs with pitchforks and torches would dissuade such bottom-feeders from filing their frivolous lawsuits, for which we all pay in the form of higher consumer prices.  The department store’s legal defense fees will have to come from somewhere, after all.

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