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Charlie Sheen’s Crazy California Lawsuit

As home to more crazy lawsuits than practically any other state, California, and Los Angeles County in particular, is the perfect place for conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed “winner” Charlie Sheen to sue/blame former employers for his precipitous fall from grace.

According to celebrity-watching website TMZ, the recently sacked “Two and a Half Men” star is suing Warner Bros. and executive producer Chuck Lorre for $100 million.  The lawsuit claims Sheen was fired from his TV show when he was sick, and that’s a violation of state and federal law.  It also claims that the real reason Sheen was fired was because he insulted Lorre, and that’s not a good enough reason.

Well, Charlie, insulting your boss may be no reason for getting canned in LaLa Land, bet rest assured it’s a pretty good reason out here in the real world.  If there’s any justice, your jury will comprise 12 folks with actual jobs.  But then again, what are the odds of that in lawsuit-happy, high-unemployment California?

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