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ADA Racketeers Still on a Roll in California

Despite what were supposed to be small business-friendly reforms to California law two years ago, the pernicious wheelchair lawsuit industry there rolls on, destroying beloved community businesses and jobs.  Though the federal Americans with Disabilities Act only requires business owners who are sued to bring their facilities up to code if found to be noncompliant, California law also allows plaintiffs to seek damages and lawyers fees.  And therein lies the motivation for lawsuits.

We thank our friends at the Civil Justice Association of California for bringing to our attention both the latest example of such runaway litigation and an enlightened critique of it of it by a disabled columnist, Bob Sweigert, of the Sierra Sun.  An ADA lawsuit forced the closure of one of Mr. Sweigert’s favorite breakfast spots in Northern California, a family-owned and operated restaurant that had been pleasing customers — disabled and otherwise — for 17 years.

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