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ATRA Renews Call for Congressional Hearings on Trial Lawyer Malfeasance

With his letter to the editor published in today’s Wall Street Journal, American Tort Reform Association president Tiger Joyce renewed his group’s urging of Congress to investigate abuse and fraud within the civil justice system.  

Responding to a March 19 WSJ editorial, “Boeing Beats the Trial Bar,” Joyce writes, in part: “Evidence of costly trial-lawyer malfeasance has continued to mount with, among other items, the discovery in West Virginia that fraudulent chest X-rays were the catalyst for asbestos cases, runaway auto-accident fraud in South Florida and documentary film outtakes in which brazen plans to manipulate and intimidate a judge are openly discussed.  So in keeping with Washington’s bipartisan “jobs, jobs, jobs” agenda, . . . [s]houldn’t those who gin up job-killing lawsuits now” face the spotlight of a congressional hearing into such wrongdoing?

This 2008 ATRA news release voiced the group’s original call for congressional hearings.

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