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Florida Lawyer Featured in ‘Rogues Gallery’ Suspended for Three Years

The Florida Supreme Court has suspended for three years the license of a plaintiff’s attorney featured in the Rogues Gallery section of the latest Judicial Hellholes report.

As reported by, the high court last Thursday “suspended Henry Adorno, co-founder of now-defunct Adorno & Yoss LLP, from practicing law for three years over his role in negotiating a dubious $7 million settlement for plaintiffs in a class action against [the City of] Miami.

“In a unanimous decision, the state high court rejected recommendations from a case referee, who called only for a public reprimand, and the Florida Bar, which suggested a six-month suspension, saying Adorno deserved a more severe punishment for negotiating a settlement that benefited his firm and a few named plaintiffs to the detriment of thousands of potential plaintiffs.”

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