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‘Sue York’ High Court Knocks ‘Scaffold Law’ Parasites down a Peg

In an ever so modest nod to reasonableness, the New York State Court of Appeals this week upheld lower court decisions in favor of third-party defendants that had been parasitically targeted with the state’s runaway “scaffold law,” formally known as Labor Law § 240 (1).

Of course, the same high court has been responsible in recent decades for the practically exponential expansion of liability under the scaffold law, but it seems even plaintiff-friendly justices have their limits.

Read the decision for yourself, and enjoy a little analysis from the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York.  Then consider taking a moment to wish bad luck for the rest of their lives upon the the plaintiff in this case and his attorneys.  With their shameless determination to hit a Sue York State Lottery jackpot as this three-year litigation played out, they’ve managed to waste considerable court resources (i.e., tax dollars) while forcing defendants — that had nothing to do with the alleged injury — to spend a lot of money on lawyers and court appearances.  Congratulations, folks.

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