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More Incompetent Parents File Another Pathetic Class Action in California

Like the pathetic excuses for parents who tried to sue McDonald’s because they apparently can’t control their 6-year-olds’ desires for Happy Meal toys, another group of incompetent parents is now suing Apple, claiming certain game-playing applications, or “apps,” are “addictive.”

Heroin is addictive, folks, and maybe chocolate.  But games can never hurt you unless you never had any business becoming a parent in the first place.  Nevertheless, U.S. District Judge Edward J. Davila in the Northern District of California denied in part the defendant’s motion to dismiss the loser parents’ lawsuit.

Kids can’t afford to buy iPads and iPhones by themselves.  So at what point do we assert a little benevolent control over our children without having to run to the courts, wasting taxpayers’ dollars? 

And some wonder why America is $16 trillion in debt.

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