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Disgruntled Flyers Fans Take “Passion” to New Level, File Ridiculous Class Action Lawsuit against Organization

On Monday, May 6, 2012, a Jenkintown-based law firm filed a ridiculous consumer fraud class action lawsuit against Comcast Spectacor, the parent company of the Philadelphia Flyers, on behalf of all 2011-2012 full season ticket holders.  The baseless lawsuit claims that the Flyers misled season ticketholders by excluding the 2012 Winter Classic game tickets from the regular season package. 

The NHL bestowed upon the Flyers the honor of playing in this game after the season ticket packages were sold.  Once Comcast Spectacor became aware of the ticket situation, it promptly gave all season ticket holders an appropriate refund and an additional opportunity to purchase a Winter Classic ticket package.  Ike Richman, the Comcast Spectacor spokesman, acknowledged this case for what it is, a frivolous claim by a few generally unhappy fans looking to make a few dollars.  He stated that, “we acted appropriately in all respects…  It’s a shame that a disgruntled few have seized upon the class-action lawsuit to attempt to profit from what was overwhelmingly considered by those who attended the Winter Classic, and the other games, to be an extraordinary experience.”

Disgruntled fans are nothing new in Philadelphia, and with their beloved Flyers being on the brink of play-off elimination, it is only fitting that the fans turn their backs on the team and selfishly file an absurd lawsuit that could cost the organization tens of millions of dollars.

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