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ATRA Letters Keep Heat on Lawsuit Lovers in California, Pennsylvania

Recent letters to the editor by the American Tort Reform Association have kept pressure on trial lawyer-backed opponents of tort reform, both in Sacramento, California, and Phildelphia, Pennsylvania.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published ATRA president Tiger Joyce’s letter, criticizing Calfifornia Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg for invariably siding with the trial lawyers who fund his reelection campaigns instead of the once Golden State’s employers.  Not coincidentally, employers continue to flee the state in droves and the state’s unemployment rate is the second highest in the nation.

Then today, the Philadelphia Inquirer published a letter by ATRA communications director Darren McKinney, fending off a recent op-ed attack from trial lawyer-funded anti-business activists in Pennsylvania.  The trial lawyers and their activist attack dogs are upset because ATRA’s scrupulously well-documented Judicial Hellholes reports brought unwanted attention to Philly’s plaintiff-favoring ways and helped spark remarkable judicial reforms earlier this year.

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