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Three Cheers for Dismissal of ‘Breakfast Club’ Suit

A New York lawyer with nothing better to do than sue his health club for supplying an allegedly insufficient breakfast has suffered a righteous beat-down at the hands of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Coin.

As reported by ABC News, Justice Coin dismissed the spoiled brat of a plaintiff’s $500,000 lawsuit, ordered him to pay for the health club’s legal fees, and told him he “should be ashamed of himself.”  Hear, hear!

Of course, if this Judicial Hellholes reporter were on the bench, he might have found the contemptible plaintiff in contempt of court and ordered him jailed for a month or so with only bread and water for sustenance.  But considering that hyper-litigious “Sue” York City is home to so much shameless litigation, Justice Coin deserves kudos for holding the line in this case.

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