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Lead Plaintiff, Counsel in Latest California Class-Action Asking for ‘Hockey Justice’

As Judicial Hellholes reporters continue to document, the once Golden State has become a Mecca for every two-bit shyster with dreams of scoring class-action riches.  The latest litigation has a fair-weather fan facing off with the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins over text messages.

According to The, the supposed Pens fan, Fred Weiss, and his bottom-feeding attorneys, are exploiting the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to gin up a class action against the hockey club for allegedly sending too many text messages to fans who signed up for news and up to three additional messages from sponsors per week.

Instead of simply unsubscibing from the text service, Weiss seems bent on significantly increasing the costs of doing business for the NHL franchise, thus putting upward pressure on ticket prices for all Pens fans as those costs  invariably are passed on.

If the federal judge in the Central District of California to whom this case is eventually assigned doesn’t immediately dismiss it and order Weiss and his lawyers to the penlty box, don’t be surprised if an angry mob of Pens fans imposes hockey justice in its own way — perhaps by pulling a few sweaters over heads and, well, you get the idea.

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