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Gov. Jindal Signs ‘Legacy Lawsuit’ Reform into Law

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal today signed into law a compromise “legacy lawsuits” reform package sent to him by the legislature last week.

Jindal gets credit for finally engaging with lawmakers on this issue and bringing various lawmakers and stakeholders together on legislation that will, according to the Wall Street Journal, “put the focus on [environmental] clean-up over litigation. The bills require landowners to engage first with the state’s Department of Natural Resources, which will evaluate environmental damage—if any. Plaintiffs firms can still sue, though the incentive to do so will be greatly diminished, given that the agency is unlikely to find evidence justifying big payouts. The new procedure will also cover existing suits, save the few that already have a trial date.”

Enactment of the new law warrants consideration among other legislative “Points of Light” nominees to be recognized in the next full Judicial Hellholes report coming in December.  Meanwhile, Gov. Jindal and Pelican State lawmakers deserve hearty congratulations for a job well done.

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