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Who Is New Jersey’s ‘Most Detestable Woman?’ Elizabeth Lloyd or Ellen Shane?

Last Friday we reported on a New Jersey woman suing a local police department after one of its officers saved her life.  Today we report on another New Jersey woman suing a Little Leaguer after his errant bullpen toss allegedly struck her in the face as she sat nearby.

As reported by the Associated Press for, “Elizabeth Lloyd is seeking more than $150,000 in damages to cover medical costs stemming from the incident at a Manchester Little League game two years ago.  She’s also seeking an undefined amount for pain and suffering.”

Lloyd, perhaps the worst fan in all of baseball, claims in her lawsuit that she was sitting at a picnic table near the bullpen when she was hit with a ball thrown by then-11-year-old warm-up catcher Matthew Migliaccio.

If she’d been hit in the face with a ball thrown by a Major League catcher, one could conclude said catcher knew what kind of a person she was and decided to mete out some justice of his own.  But 11-year-old Little Leaguers don’t have the same accurate command of their throws as big leaguers.  And any spectator who attends baseball games, courts have consistently ruled, assume certain risks.

So the only question left for a jury at this point is this: Who is New Jersey’s most detestable woman?

Is it Elizabeth Lloyd, for suing an 11-year-old Little Leaguer (and his family) for $150,000 plus damages for pain-and-suffering?  Or is it Ellen Shane, for suing the Woodbridge Township police for $5 million after a quick-thinking officer there shot the violent criminal who had taken her hostage and threatened to slit her throat?

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