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Wheelchair Lawyer Alleged to Be Pervert and Fraud

In what might best be described as a what-goes-around-comes-around lawsuit, four female former employees of an infamous California wheelchair lawyer allege that he is guilty of sexual harassment, employment discrimination and fraud.

As reported first by KXTV News 10 in Sacramento, the four former legal assistants say their old boss, Scott Johnson (photo by KXTV), forced them to dress and undress him, place him in a hot-tub, and rub lotion on him, among other emotionally troubling tasks they felt they couldn’t refuse.

Beyond the question of sexual harassment, the lawsuit also alleges that Johnson engaged in employment discrimination by insisting that “men, ugly women and anyone over 30” never be interviewed for job openings, regardless of their qualifications.  And presumably of interest to law enforcement and bar association authorities, the suit additionally alleges that many of Johnson’s more than 2,100 disability access claims in the past were fraudulent because he never actually sought physical access to defendant businesses when he asserted he had.

It’s a safe bet that the small business owners Johnson has extorted for a living are enjoying a little schadenfreude as they root on the plaintiffs in this lawsuit against him.  Surely they’re hoping that, this time around, it’ll be Johnson who gets rolled over by the legal system — just so he knows how it feels.

Meanwhile, Judicial Hellholes reporters are encouraged by what may become a trend.  Just last month, Theodore Pinnock, another of California’s notorious wheelchair hustlers, was disbarred in connection with frauds of his own.  If fraud allegations against Johnson stick, he too will likely be disbarred.  So even if undisciplined California judges don’t seem to mind being defrauded at the expense of small business owners, perhaps the fraudsters, driven by mendacious greed, will manage to get themselves disbarred.

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