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Video Speaks to Character of Wisconsin’s ‘Lemon Law King’ Now Fighting Reform

As reform legislation offered today in Wisconsin’s Assembly promises to close loopholes in the state’s outlier “lemon law” — loopholes that have been infamously exploited by unscrupulous lawyers there — a new video speaks to the character of one of those lawyers.

Assembly Bill 200 would continue to protect car and truck buyers with guarantees for repair, replacement or refund in the rare event they end up with a truly defective vehicle. But it also aims to apply the brakes to lawsuit abuse that’s being driven by a certain breed of lemon lawyers, according to recent coverage by the Associated Press. Such lawsuit abuse threatens more than 200,000 auto-industry supported jobs in the Badger State and puts upward pressure on the sticker prices all consumers face. A companion bill is expected in the Senate soon.

Meanwhile, the most fiercely avowed opponent of this reasonable reform effort is Wisconsin’s self-proclaimed “Lemon Law King,” lawyer Vince Megna. Megna’s highly partisan style of self-promotion often sinks to vulgarity and sexism, and otherwise lowers the public’s opinion of the legal profession. So reformers should have an easy time making Megna the poster boy for passage of their bill. (“You can either support Vince Megna or you can support lemon law reform.”)

But apparently itching for the fight and happy for the spotlight any way he can get it, Megna reportedly plans to launch a new anti-reform website within days. Rational lawmakers in Madison are nonetheless undeterred, understanding that current lemon law unduly punishes carmakers and dealers with automatic double-damages for merely defending themselves against lemon lawsuits.

A recent news release by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’s largest business trade association, offers details about current law and the need for reform. And the brief video compilation available below offers, in his own words, a taste of Vince Megna’s character or arguable lack thereof.

Go reformers!

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