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L.A. Jury Tells Parasitic Jackson Clan to ‘Beat It’

To its credit, a Los Angeles civil jury yesterday unanimously found for the defense in a much watched lawsuit by the mother of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson (Katherine Jackson, et al. v. AEG Live LLC, et al., Case # BC445597).

Shamelessly and greedily seeking to add hundreds of millions of dollars more to an already gigantic and growing estate, Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit, supposedly on behalf of her grandchildren, sought to blame concert promoters AEG for her mega-star son’s overdose death in 2009.

If Mrs. Jackson and her adult children want to blame someone for Michael’s premature death, they might start with themselves. After all, where were they when the life of their hugely talented but deeply troubled son and brother began to go off the rails with multiple plastic surgeries, kiddie sleepovers and rampant drug use?

It seems this collection of pathetic parasites was as unwilling to say “no” to their meal ticket as the now disgraced and imprisoned doctor who administered sedatives to Jackson during the death spiral of his final days. So trying now to plunge their greasy mitts into the deep pockets of a concert promoter that had no knowledge of Michael’s drug use went beyond the pale and jurors told them to “Beat It.”

Though overburdened California taxpayers have already suffered the indignity of providing court resources for this circus trial that never should have happened, Mrs. Jackson’s lawyer says the family may appeal the verdict. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” seems to have become the money-grubbing clan’s mantra, but any appeal should be promptly rejected and plaintiffs should be ordered to pay the defendant’s legal fees and court costs.

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