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With Minority Businesses Now Being Targeted, Too, NPR Finally Reports on ADA Lawsuit Abuse

Following ATRA’s lead in repeatedly exposing disability-access lawsuit abuse in California and elsewhere, NPR has finally joined in with an April 23 report during its “All Things Considered” program.

NPR’s Nathan Rott reports that more than 40% of all Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits are filed in California, with over 300 filed already in 2014.  And, as previously reported by ATRA, a troubling pattern has emerged wherein plaintiffs’ lawyers lately seem to be targeting small businesses owned by minorities and immigrants with often specious, cookie-cutter claims that sometimes leave defendants wondering if the named plaintiff ever actually visited their premises.

Sadly, the targeting of business owners who are not native English speakers and can’t otherwise readily afford to defend themselves is standard operating procedure these days for a certain class of shysters in the once Golden State.  And at some point, shyster-dominated lawmakers in Sacramento will be forced to enact serious reforms — as opposed to the two ineffective fig-leaf reform laws they’ve passed in recent years — if they want to get reelected and properly protect minority businesses.  If they don’t, the bluer-than-blue state may ironically risk a federal disparate impact lawsuit by the always race-conscious Justice Department.

Speaking of race-consciousness, where was NPR for years when the shysters primarily targeted small businesses owned by non-minorities?  Just askin’.

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