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SCOTUS Rejects Appeal, $42 Million Verdict against Fen-Phen Shysters Stands

The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday opted against hearing the appeal of notorious class action attorneys previously found liable for looting a $200 million diet drug settlement fund.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the high court “rejected a request from now-disbarred lawyers William Gallion, Shirley Cunningham Jr. and Melbourne Mills to consider reversing the Kentucky Supreme Court,” which had upheld a multimillion-dollar verdict against them in a lawsuit brought by those they had defrauded.

The shameless shysters and two others had colluded with a crooked and since disbarred judge to pay themselves $155 million out of an earlier fen-phen settlement they’d negotiated on behalf of 431 clients.  Those clients sued and won a $42 million judgment against Gallion, Cunningham and Mills.

Cunningham and Gallion are currently serving lengthy prison sentences for criminal fraud convictions. Mills was acquitted of such charges after arguing that his alcoholism made him rip off his clients.

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