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Ohio Jury Delivers a Thriller of a Verdict in Bogus Washing Machine Mold Class Action

On Thursday, October 30th, an Ohio jury delivered a “trick” of their own to frighteningly mischievous class action plaintiffs lawyers who have been running around scaring up unfounded complaints against the washing machine manufacturer, Whirlpool Corp. After a three week trial, the jury found in favor of Whirlpool – that the company’s front loading washing machines did not suffer from a design flaw, leading to mold accumulation.
According to Reuters, this trial, which focused on Ohio consumers under Ohio law, is likely the first of dozens of potential trials. Jonathan Selbin, in an e-mail to Reuters, stated “Until Whirlpool takes responsibility for selling defective washers, the fight will continue,” he said, essentially threatening to haunt Whirlpool from beyond this Ohio class-action’s grave.
Law360 noted that this case has been developing since 2008, and has been to the Supreme Court twice on the issue of class certification since the class was certified in 2010. The first time, the case was remanded for reconsideration by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the second time review was denied. The class included Ohio residents who purchased one of twenty models of front-loading washing machines over an eight-and-a-half-year span, beginning in 2001.
Judicial Hellholes will continue to monitor these zombie-like class action complaints. You know, the ones that should be cold, dead, and buried by now.
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