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Pa. Attorney General Kane Found Guilty of Perjury

On Monday, August 15, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, was convicted on nine criminal charges, including felony perjury and felony criminal conspiracy.  She resigned today.  She had previously been suspended from the Pennsylvania Bar and, embarrassingly, was unable to practice law as Pennsylvania’s top lawyer and law enforcement official.

The jury’s criminal convictions are part of an ethical quagmire AG Kane created for herself.  She allegedly fired prosecutors in retaliation for their politics, the near-immediate promotion of her twin sister, the subsequent pay discrimination lawsuit the sister filed against her, and several under-the-table, big dollar contracts with plaintiff firms which had donated to her campaign.

Kane will be sentenced October 24 and could face significant time in state prison.  So for now, let’s all say buh-bye to the nation’s least competent and arguably worst state attorney general.

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