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Wheelchair-Bound Woman in Texas Aids and Abets ADA Scam Artist Based in Florida

Though personal injury lawyers continue to claim (hypocritically) that the costly lawsuits they gin up are means by which to “protect the ‘little guy’ from big, bad corpoarte wrongdoers,” the fact is that many of them make a comfortable living by shamelessly exploiting the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to shake down hardworking small businessmen and women, many of whom speak English only as a second language.

Past Judicial Hellholes reporting has documented ADA scam artists in California (see herehere and here), Florida and elsewhere.  But now Dallas-Fort Worth’s WFAA-TV reports that the scourge has spread to the Lone Star State, with help from a camera-shy shyster in the Sunshine State.

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