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Minnesota Governor Sides with Trial Lawyers against Employers and Employees

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton today vetoed a package of sensible tort reforms designed by lawmakers to keep the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” competitive with other Midwestern states that have recently acted to reduce the drag imposed on their economies by personal injury lawyers and the personal responsibility-avoiding lawsuits they drive.

As reported by the Star Tribune, Dayton resorted to class-warfare distractions in calling the reform package’s reasonable limits on excessive, job-killing liability “just another political ploy by Republican majorities as they provide their special interest friends, the rich and powerful, with more favors at the expense of most other Minnesotans.”

Of course, Dayton is a multimillionaire heir to a department store fortune himself, and some of his top campaign contributors are millionaire personal injury lawyers who make their parasitic livings off of lawsuits.

Truly productive folks who actually make and sell things, everyone they employ, and everyone else looking for work in Minnesota can now conclude that their governor worries more about trial lawyers than he does about them, and that he’s determined to turn their state into the “Land of 10,000 Lawsuits.”

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