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Welcomed Signs of Fairness in Former ‘Judicial Hellhole’

Last week, Merck & Co. successfully defended itself against a claim involving its drug, Fosamax.  This was the company’s fifth win in six such cases that have gone to trial in New Jersey.  Two of the cases, including the most recent, were heard in former Judicial Hellhole and current Watch List jurisdiction Atlantic County by Superior Court Judge Carol Higbee.  (Her rulings have been scrutinized in previous Judicial Hellholes reports.) 

Drug companies, which arguably comprise the backbone of the Garden State’s economy, generally have taken a beating in state courts there for many years.  The Merck wins are an encouraging sign that Atlantic County courts may be moving in the direction of greater fairness for all parties in a lawsuit.  Such fairness is essential to providing a more business-friendly environment, which can lead to stronger economic growth and an increase in job opportunities for the citizens of New Jersey.

For additional information about the cases, click here.

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