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Alabama Wisely Protects Aerospace Jobs with ‘Statute of Repose’ Reform

In an effort to protect from speculative lawsuits the thousands of jobs provided by  commercial aircraft maker Airbus and its parts suppliers, the Alabama House this week is expected to pass a bill that has already cleared the Senate, limiting product liability years after manufacture.

According to the Insurance Journal, the legislation “would limit lawsuits to 12 years after a large plane is delivered.  The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Cam Ward of Alabaster, says there is no limit now.  His bill is narrowly tailored for planes exceeding 100 seats.”

In reporting by NPR, Alabama’s pending “statute of repose” and other liability-limiting tort reforms are likened to the tax incentives and regulatory relief that many states wisely offer to large employers these days in an effort to compete for jobs against other states and foreign countries.

To their credit, Alabama’s personal injury lawyers have reportedly agreed not to fight final passage of the bill, and Gov. Robert Bentley is expected to promptly sign it into law.

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