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Crop-Boosting Bio Tech Companies Fight Trial Lawyer -Funded Propaganda with New Website

Some leading bio-tech companies have created a new website,, that should help counteract the disinformation and propaganda that various crackpot activists, the uncompetitive organic food industry and certain shameless elements of the plaintiffs’ bar have conspired to foment in recent years.

In an effort to grow more robust and bountiful crops, humans have experimented with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, for thousands of years, long before Augustinian friar Gregor Mendel  made a true science out of it in the 1800s.  Such work has since developed to produce drought resistant corns and soybeans, rice with more vital nutrients, and various other crops that thrive even when the soil around them is treated with weedkiller, to cite just a few examples.

In short, GMOs help farmers in the U.S. and around the world feed more people at lower costs.  And that may be, in part, why at least some GMO detractors, such as zealous advocates for much higher-priced organic foods, are bent on fear-mongering and misinforming the public about the safety of GMOs.  Plaintiffs lawyers sometimes fund and work with these anti-science types, too, hoping to mislead future judges and juries for the wave of meritless lawsuits they’re preparing to launch.

So it’s encouraging to see modern, crop-boosting companies beginning to fight back.  The GMOAnswers website provides real, peer-reviewed scientific studies and additional information, and it features a mechanism to answer visitors’ questions.  Don’t be duped by the ill-informed or willfully disingenuous.  Go to and make up your own mind.

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