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Another Detestable ‘Little League’ Lawsuit

Two pathetic parents have sued their area Little League, not because of injuries allegedly suffered while spectating (see detestable New Jersey woman’s recent lawsuit), but because their 12-year-old son was not selected by coaches to play on the all-star team.

As reported by WAVE-TV3 in nearby Louisville, Kentucky, Alice and Charles Hunt of Henryville, Indiana, filed a lawsuit against Henryville Youth Sports, Inc., seeking to have the all-star team their son had tried out for barred from post-season play because certain selection rules were allegedly not followed.

“In a lawsuit filed earlier this week, the couple claimed a proper vote was not taken to select the team of 12-year-olds. They said when their son was not hand picked by a coach like the others, he suffered irreparable harm.”

The Hunts’ son may have suffered irreperable harm, but it has nothing to do with baseball.  The irreperable harm was the misfortune of being born to two such litigious, sorry excuses for grown-ups.  Perhaps some other Henryville Little League parents will now be emboldned to call in Child Protective Services and see to it that rules for initiating foster care proceedings are followed to the letter.

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