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Food Class-Actions by ‘Fake Imbeciles’ Seek to Mislead, Manipulate Courts

Joining cookie-cutter lawsuits in California, a new nationwide class action filed in Minnesota names two plaintiffs — one from New York, the other from New Jersey — to represent millions of purported imbeciles who want our courts to believe they are incapable of reading and understanding federally mandated nutrition labels on boxes of granola bars.

As reported by Law, the complaint filed in federal district court against General Mills, the Minnesota-based maker of Nature Valley granola bars, reads largely like the one Judicial Hellholes reporters noted in California back in July and essentially claims that the product’s name and packaging mislead consumers about its sugar content (12cv2150, Chin et al v General Mills, Inc.).

All of these cases considered together raise a very troubling question: Are the named plaintiffs, their lawyers and ideological allies at the so-called Center for Science in the Public Interest themselves looking to mislead and manipulate America’s civil courts?

Judges will ultimately answer that question, but in the meantime plaintiffs apparently want the rest of us to believe that millions of U.S. consumers are so stupid that they can’t read rudimentary nutrition labels nor make informed dietary choices based on those labels, and thus are too readily duped by brand names and packaging designs.

While a just society must always protect its genuine imbeciles, courts must not let the law be gamed by those merely posing as imbeciles in order to steal from others.

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