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‘Lemon Law King’ Is Lucky Wisconsin Has No Anti-Bullying Law

In a desperate effort to marshal political forces against reform of Wisconsin’s infamously lawyer-friendly “lemon law,” self-proclaimed “Lemon Law King” Vince Megna has reportedly sent a letter to auto dealerships in the state, proclaiming they’ll become the targets of newly fashioned federal lawsuits if state law makes it harder for him to go after manufacturers.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Megna’s “Friday [letter] warned Wisconsin auto dealers that if lawmakers succeed in modifying the state’s lemon law, he’ll be suing them instead of the automakers.”  The letter also urges the dealers “to oppose the bills now being considered in Madison because ‘passage will have a significant adverse affect’ on them.”

And though the understandably lawsuit-leery Journal Sentinel’s Bruce Vielmetti dutifully reports that “Megna says the letter is not a threat,” per se, Judicial Hellholes reporters point out that the seemingly sexist, often vulgar and always self-promoting Megna is lucky that the state lawmakers he supports failed to pass an anti-bullying law when they tried a few years ago.  Were such a law on the books today, auto dealers in the Badger State might now have a convincing case that Megna’s badgering is out of bounds.

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