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#1 Hellhole Ranks as ‘Worst State for Business’

A newly released annual survey of the nation’s chief executive officers confirms that California, currently ranked as the #1 Judicial Hellhole, not coincidentally ranks as the worst state in which to do business, as well.

Chief Executive magazine’s 2013 Best and Worst States for Business reports results from its survey of 736 CEOs, and those results indicate that additional judicial hellholes states also found their way into the bottom 10, including Illinois (see Madison County), Maryland (see Baltimore),  New Jersey,  New York and Pennsylvania (see Philadelphia).  Hawaii made the CEOs’ bottom 10, too, and it’s likely to qualify for a hellholes ranking in the near future.

Of course, as ATRA ally Tom Scott, executive director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, wrote in a recent online column, though a state’s litigation climate “might not be specifically listed as one of the issues in the survey, it was likely on the minds of these . . . CEOs when they responded. The legal climate is as critical to whether a business stays in a state or relocates” because “a single abusive lawsuit can cost a company tremendously.”

Amen, Brother Tom!

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